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Cork City Council launched its first information website in 1999, as part of the eGovernment initiative. The website evolved to include a number of additional services. In 2004 the website was restructured with the citizen in mind so as to make it easier to use and navigate. The online services include, for example, the Library Catalogue, electronic payments, Planning Enquiries and the Community Directory. Cork City Council continues to provide new and existing online services for the public. To date we have the following suite of services:

Parking Fine Payment System

Thicéad Páirceála de chuid

Planning Maps Enquiries

Fiosraithe Pleanála

Planning Text Enquiries

Register of Electors Enquiries

Library Catalogue

Community Directory

Online services subscribed to by Cork City Libraries


Online Rents Payments

Consultation on Planning Documents

Purchase or Renew Dog License

Choice Based Letting

Report a Faulty Street Light